April 2009

God at the Taco Bell…

I was lining up for the Tuesday special at Taco Bell, and overheard the lady next to me making her order with what seemed like forced extra-polite English. I looked over and noticed she was an older Asian lady, and figured she must have immigrated here not too long ago, and imagined what a difficult […]

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What if Starbucks Marketed Like a Church?

Video by BeyondRelevance Your thoughts?

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Poets Prophets Preachers

If I can grab a ride down, I just might be going to this. after tracking with Rob Bell for years, it’ll be my first pilgrimage down to mars hill. Anyone else interested?

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Crappy Day…

It’s only 10am and today’s just been stupid. my daughter wakes up screaming from a nightmare I’ve lost my keys – probably a set of 15, 8-9 of which are really, really important. My cell phone’s dead. Go to payphone to call my wife and realize her cell phone’s dead, plus she’s on a school […]

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Yes, Jesus loves me

We didn’t teach our daughter this one, I think it was our day care lady. What do you think? cute or disturbing brain washing?

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Can the church become post-racial

I totally connect with this conversation. It aches me incessantly how divided the church remains… but I’m totally stoked about the opportunities and the journey ahead. What do we need to start doing today to get this right?

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Tony Campolo on “loving the sinner’

New Direction ministries of Canada recently produced a dvd series called Bridging the Gap: Befriending our gay neighbours. Here’s an interview clip of Tony Campolo sharing a story about a woman’s homosexual son

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Hoping for the death of your child…

A heart-wrenching story coming out of Toronto. (See the Toronto Star article) Two babies are in intensive care, one that will only survive if given a new heart;  another with a strong heart, but no chance of survival. The latter child, Kaylee, was taken off life support, so that her heart could be donated to […]

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