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Half-baked lifestream

I’ve started yet another blog.  This one’s for true fans, as it’s no-frills and low-thrills.

When I’m not with people, it’s ridiculous how much I am connected to my computer online.  I’ve decided to open up my world a bit further and have a space for unpolished-barely formed thoughts and tidbits.

I’ve found a way to automate it so that every tweet, bookmark, youtube fave, fb update, digg, flickr/picasa upload gets updated onto the new blog.

I’ll also have random stuff i’m researching whether it’s a technical issue or ministry related, and plenty of scripture reflections as well through a quick blogging tool integrated with firefox called scribefire.

I’ll still be blogging plenty here, but halfbaked will be more of the backchannel thoughts that I can’t see most people being all that interested in.  I just dig being able to easily search this stuff for personal reference, plus i’m hoping to monetize it since I’m online putting stuff down most days anyways.

anyhow, enough intro.  Here’s the link http://halfbaked.solarcrash.com

here’s the rss feed http://feeds2.feedburner.com/solarcrash/halfbaked

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