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I’ll hoping to be doing my first real live-blogging event tomorrow at “Evolving Church: Amidst the Powers“.

I’m going to try using ScribbleLive for each session, partly because it’s developed by some guys in Toronto, Canada.

Also, it allows me to embed live updates to posts here, directly follow my twitter account which will contain highlights, and other select tweets by the hashtag (#ep09), without overwhelming my twitter followers.

What I’m thinking about before heading into “amidst the powers”

– There’s been some backlash against the blogging community the last while… ie. we’re single geeks, living at mom’s, who do nothing but whine and vent, rather than actually doing something in life.  I’d hate to be drawn in as another one of those.

– I dislike conferences for the most part, the last one I enjoyed was The IdeaCamp and I wasn’t even there physically.

– Is the church today even a factor practically ‘amidst the powers’

– Are we in any position to speak about ‘the systems’ that surround when we’re in shambles?

– Do we always have to be up against ‘the man’ to thrive?

– What if rather than raging against the machine, we worked with it?

– I don’t come a tradition, church or otherwise, that uses the word ‘power’ much.  What would a powerful Jesus and a powerful church look like today?

– As great as the conference content sounds, and I’ll be sure to be capturing… I hope to just be in a space where I’m connecting with some other awesome folks.

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