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Twitter me this – what I’m all about…

delicious cloud

Above is my del.icio.us tag cloud.  del.icio.us is an online bookmarking tool that I’ve been steadily using over the years that’s been phenomenally helpful.  The above image was generated by wordle, another really neat web app for displaying information.

I find the above image really helps capture what I’ve been about, whether I like it or not.

So besides this blog, and subscribing to the feed, I’ve recently jumped on the can-you-get-anymore-narcissistic twitter bandwagon.  I also just found a way to automatically send my del.icio.us links that are share worthy to my twitter profile as well.

So far, I’ve actually found it a healthy non-time-consuming form of social networking.  If any of the tagged topics displayed above interest you… maybe I’ll see you in twitterville.

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