February 2009


I haven’t done this in a while… here are some noteworthy links of mine that should keep you busy for the weekend. Idea Camp – Free open source hybrid conference happening Live right now One Size Fits All? – A new documentary on fresh expressions of church across Canada makeyouthink.tv – awesome character driven media […]

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Love Comes Down – The highlights reel

I finally got around to compiling a highlights video of last Sunday’s Solar Crash event, Love Comes Down. It’s pretty hard compressing a whole evening of footage, but I tried. I know less is more, but I tried to create one video giving everyone a bit of time. Let me know if you’d like to […]

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Twitter me this – what I’m all about…

Above is my del.icio.us tag cloud.  del.icio.us is an online bookmarking tool that I’ve been steadily using over the years that’s been phenomenally helpful.  The above image was generated by wordle, another really neat web app for displaying information. I find the above image really helps capture what I’ve been about, whether I like it […]

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When love comes down…

by Chris Luk Photography Collaborative art project responding to “What must love be” by Claudia Hung What can I say?  I think it was another phenomenal night!  Of the many projects I’m on, the Solar Crash events are definitely one of my favorites.  I’ve written a few thoughts on creating these spaces before here and […]

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Party Time!

Solar Crash goes offline again this Sunday with “Love Comes Down“. Creativity.  Spirituality.  Art.  Music.  Dance.  Community.  Cause. Doors open at the El Mocambo night club at 6pm, Show goes live at 7pm. You can still RSVP via See you there!

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Your creative genius

Elizabeth Gilbert of “Eat, Pray, Love” fame (which my wife read and loved), shares a TED talk on cultivating creativity.

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A Tale of Two Realities by Zaya Kuyena

A Tale of Two Realities “…It was the worst of times it was the best of times” Jay-Z (Diamond Is Forever) Charles Dickens (A Tale of two cities) As I jump on the subway up to the post-strike York University, I’m preceded with several train of thoughts that keep me thinking of how far I’m […]

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Being Asian…

Some thoughts that have been percolating on being Asian… I’m Chinese. I don’t think I realized it till about grade three. I have faint memories of myself squeezing my nose in the mirror in hopes that it wasn’t so flat. Race itself can be a type of poverty Is the asian model minority myth, a […]

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