January 2009

The internet circa 1981

We had our first web team meeting last night.  I think we’re all totally excited by the possibilities.  No one’s in it for money or glory, we simply want to bring this project into wonderful existence. It’s definitely a different vibe than most of the other work that I do.  I rarely lead stuff that […]

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President Obama – Week One

Some breathtaking shots from the innauguration from the boston globe,  HT:Tony Whenever I’m swamped with work, I think about Obama, and chuckle, now there’s a dude with a lot on his plate! The Innagural speech was a bit slow for me.  He had way too many issues to address.  One of my favorite lines was […]

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Right now I’m leading a church plant, developing two other church plants/communities, throwing a giant party, launching a web startup, on the board of my condo, helping fuel the faith, arts, justice movement in Toronto, all while cultivating my amazing family and the great relationships God’s blessed me with. I think I’m grazing past the […]

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The First 100 minutes of Obama Presidency…

Blogging’s been minimal lately, partly due to my back, and just plain busyness. I’ve got like a hundred posts burried in the back of my head, and will be  posting frequently again real soon. As for now, check out MAD magazine’s first 100 minutes of the Barack Obama Presidency.

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I Walk a Lonely Road

A great post by Canadian-in-exile and fellow-blogger Jake Belder: I don’t walk much. It’s not that I don’t like to—quite the opposite, in fact. But I live in the middle of the sprawling suburbia of the Orlando metro area, and I have no motivation to walk around here. There are a few different reasons. For […]

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Love comes down…

Mark your calendars! The next SolarCrash event, Love Comes Down, will be Feb. 15th.  2009 @ the El Mocambo night club. We’re going to try and redeem valentine’s day this time around. Allow your imagination to be provoked by an evening of live music, performances, & visual arts from local talents Connect with others over […]

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With so much hope and expectation for 2009, I’ve been miserable feeling so physically out of it the last while. I’ll get back into blogging soon as well.  As for now, check out gap minder’s latest graph [Image Creative Commons licensed by Gapminder.] How’d we let this happen? For news of less global importance, how’d […]

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Noteworthy of 2008

Based on comments, hits, and personal preference, here were some noteworthy posts of 2008. Rock star pastors What I want Crippling them Radical Church Mushrooms Loneliness Creative Revolution in China Beincarnation Hunger Banquet Silent Sermon A christian lifestyle The Bridge, Iowa Questions I’ve been asking Suburban inferiority Asian liberation theology? Recent dishes Ordination? Seminary – […]

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