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Sethgodin_tribesI’ve listened to  Seth Godin‘s Tribes audiobook several times over on my ipod touch these past few weeks.

The premise to the book is simple enough, a Tribe is a group of people connected to each other, to a leader and to an idea.

It’s odd that the church of Jesus Christ has the greatest leader, with the greatest story and the greatest ideas, and yet such a seemingly splintered and weak tribes people.

One fascinating insight from the book is the idea of tightening the tribe.  Deepening the tribe, rather than expanding it.  I wonder if after centuries of focusing on mass evangelization and conversions we’ve ruined our own tribe.

Another interesting quote was “Ultimately, people are most easily led where they wanted to go all along.”

So often it seems like the church at large tries to get people to go where they have no interest in going in the first place.

What would it look like if we were creating and leading distinct and peculiar tribes through our churches rather than maintaining programs or growing numbers?

Godin created his own triiibes network (which I was a day late on getting in before the book came out). Even though he advertises for people to join in the book, you’ll notice that it’s closed for new comers, because his tribe voted to keep it ‘tight’.

Now I want in even more.

If only our churches were this appealing.

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