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Marketing Charity…

Our community of faith is part of the advent conspiracy again this year, and we’re trying to pool our funds to help provide clean water to those who need it.

Part of the advent conspiracy tagline is ‘buy less, give more’.

I don’t think we’ll have a problem with giving more.

Charity is hip again in America, but consumption seems unstoppable.

Saving the world is an emerging theme and trend, but our lifestyles remain unaltered.

There’s no relationship between consuming less and giving more.

At least, not in the ‘middle-class’ circles I travel in.

We have so much we can give more and consume more.

I don’t blame the companies.  They have shareholders to appeal to.  Are they replacing our need for justice in the world by selling us they’re somewhat socially-conscious goodies?  Maybe.

But at least they’re doing something.

In the Book of Acts, people had to sell their possessions so that they could give and meet the needs of others.

Charity used to cost us something.

What are we really willing to change, to see change in the world?

Jesus calls us to change; Gandhi and Obama talked about change, heck I think Michael Jackson even said something about changing the man in the mirror.

What would radical change look like?

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