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Living Online…

I’ve been blogging at solarcrash.com for about a year and a half now. It seems like forever.

The writing process has been therapeutic and your comments have been very enlightening. Plus thanks to I’ve been able to pay for the web hosting bill and then some.

For those of you who don’t follow via rss, you should give it a try. (My stats tell me while 60 percent of people visit here via searches, 30 percent of you frequent the site via direct link/bookmarks…? and on top of that over 50% of you use Internet Explorer which I don’t understand either).

I use google reader to peruse through two hundred blogs through a single site. You can click here to subscribe to mine. It’ll probably lower my ad revenue, but it’ll sure make your life easier!

I also blog at onelife.solarcrash.com it’s mostly pictures of my daughter and other silly things.

If you’d like to guest blog on solarcrash, or if you’d even like to set up your own blog on xyz.solarcrash.com (sub-domains are free), let me know.

Besides blogging, I’ve been trying hard to narrow down my online living. According to Google History I’ve done over twenty thousand google searches in the past three years!

I’m on just about every social network out there, but the only one I think I’ll be loosely active on is facebook.

You can also follow me on twitter or find my current books cataloged on shelfari.

You can also find my latest links at delicious, i’m approaching 4000!

Contact me and I can get you skype/IM details.

That’s about it. My life online, and how you can get a hold of me.

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