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The next three weeks I’m taking care of my daughter full-time.  It’s going to be sweet fun, but next to no work’s going to get done.

I don’t usually have a car during the days, any suggestions on what to do during these weeks of daddy-bootcamp?

Below’s a shot from yesterday morning.  We had our no-church-sunday, which is always great, and I took Stellar to main st. unionville and posed her in the same scenes as our wedding photos that were there.

Stellar leaning on a pillar

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  • brad grinnen November 3, 2008, 10:09 am

    daddy days are great. a few suggestions that really work for me where i live…

    long walks on the boardwalk or the beach…
    walking her in her stroller until she falls asleep, then i hit a coffee shop…
    public library activities like ‘baby rhyme time’ or recreation centers…

    my daughter is only 9 and a half months, so its a little different for us. anyway, hope you find a nice rhythm over the following weeks.


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