November 2008

Toronto Government 2.0 Summit

I’m so stoked that Toronto was able to pull off their government 2.0 summit. They used live streaming, a moderated board for online questions, and even a twitter backchannel.  You can find a review of it here.  And slides with audio from the mozilla dude here.  Fully archives should be up shortly. One quote I […]

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Seeking the good…

My current mandate in life is to seek the good of the city.  This is a wild and wonderfully vague mission statement that offers me the freedom and the burden to do just about anything. One current tangible expression of this, is seeking the good of the small piece of the community I currently live […]

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Back to work…

Daddy daycare is over, and today’s my first time in a month having the 8 hours of the day all to myself. Between having the best time in the world hanging out with my daughter, I’ve been squeezing in the odd hour or two each day, at my full time career… trying to change the […]

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Seven days of Sex

Pastor Ed Young of Fellowship church has issued a seven day sex challenge, that’s seven straight days of sex for married couples for his entire church of 20,000. What do you think? I know one thing for sure, there’s going to be a baby spike in about 9 months.

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Our empires of dirt

To follow up on the previous post on Christian platforms and networks… I was just re-introduced to this song Hurt, by Johnny Cash.  I haven’t really listened to this song since I was an angst filled teenager when it was originally by the Nine Inch Nails.  I loved the song because I felt it described […]

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Spiritual Pyramid Schemes…

We live in an age of networks. Most of us know that we can’t do anything truly visionary on our own.  And if we can, our visions are likely too small.  The internet (which is only about 4000 days old) has accelerated our capacity to network with one another. The internet allows grassroots tribes to […]

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Magazines I read…

Steven Sample states in “The contrarian’s guide to leadership” for leaders to avoid news and magazines and stick with super texts (books that have stood the test of time over 400 years). I can’t help myself. Besides the revolving news and trends online, here are some print magazines that I’ll go on record for shaping […]

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A Global Vision for the Missional Church?

If you get a chance, be there.

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