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Nidus Festival

I’m currently on the board of directors for the Nidus Festival.

Nidus is a movement uniting the many streams of Christ-followers to celebrate faith, the arts, and justice culminating in a three-day festival. It first launched in 2006, and we will be bringing it back for August 14-16th 2009. Mark your calendars, immediately.

Our last festival had over a hundred bands, visual artists, and performers. Speakers and workshops were ecumenical in spirit and included Shane Claiborne, Brian Walsh, Frederica Mathewes -Green, and Bruxy Cavey amongst many others.

Right now, we’re looking for contributors of all sorts. Everything from fundraising, promotions, project management, artistic talent, to expertise on social issues.

Let me know if you can help, or know of others that might be interested.

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