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Mark Driscoll’s preaching notes

Love him or hate him, Driscoll’s quite the preacher.

Josh Harris did a series of posts on preaching notes and managed to get Driscoll to share a bit of what he does.  Below is a scan of his notes.

I actually do the same thing with the sticky notes.  Sometimes I have a small page with a typed outline inserted, sometimes nothing at all.

I never have a problem with content, but it’s the transitions if there’s multiple passages or ideas being conveyed that I need supporting notes for.  I have no idea how guys like Erwin McManus or Rob Bell go for hours without peeking.

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  • brad grinnen October 14, 2008, 6:55 am


    when i was at ‘isn’t she beautiful’ in grand rapids, rob revealed that he would write out a huge outline on butcher paper, and then tape it to the floor of the platform. then he would go from word (each word had associated with it a good portion of his memorized message) to walk through the themes of his message. he also said that if he forgot a scripture, he would move to the next slide on powerpoint and simply read it from there.

    im not sure, however, how happy mr driscoll would be that you mentioned him in the same breathe as rob bell. 🙂


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