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I finally got around to having an intentional day of sabbath yesterday.

What did I do?

Hung out with my daughter (Ikea breakfast and a community center for kids)

Indulged in a large lunch with my parents

Took an afternoon nap

Read Scripture and some light reading on rest

Fiddled with my new ipod touch

The iPod Touch is my first apple product.  I’ve been mostly been using a Palm for the past 5+ years as a pda and music player.

I’ve only been messing around with it the past day, but here’s the latest on it, and you apple nerds can tell me if there’s anything life altering I’m missing.

The mail client is fetching from my gmail account

I’m using something called nuevasync to sync my google calendar and gmail contacts

Evernote app installed to sync to my laptop/desktop notes

Other apps currently installed – wordpress, facebook, youversion bible reader, obama 08, idoodle, flashlight, and a whole bunch of free games.

I’ve got 3 different “to-do’ apps, 3 different im applications (palringo, IM+, and Fring), any one have suggestions on what’s worked best?

Some related questions:

Is there a way for me putting mp3 talks or sermons into the ipod without mixing it up with songs?  ie, some way of inserting it into the podast section even though they weren’t podcast downloaded?

Is there something that can make the player auto-shutoff?  ie. yesterday I took my nap with mark driscoll yelling at me… and he kept yelling long after I dozed off.

Is there a way of syncing the photos with picasaweb albums or flickr?

Are there workarounds with playing flash video?  I tried iTransmogrify to no avail…

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  • aaron October 7, 2008, 9:28 am

    I’m not interested in the second half of this post…but the first part was incredible!
    Thank you for taking a day to be still before The Lord…and to focus on your family!!
    Live today!

  • Lon October 8, 2008, 1:49 pm

    thanks Aaron… yes, i’ve dabbled with sabbath over the years… but i’m going to seriously commit to it… i really feel that it’s not simply doing nothing as i use to think, but an outright declaration of my faith in God…

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