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Christian Book Stores…

I stopped going to Christian bookstores maybe six-seven years ago.

At first it was just completely revulsion as I saw my own spiritual lust in others concentrated in a single space… once I somewhat repented over that, it was sheerly the benefits of online pricing and convenience that kept me away.

I guess that makes me part of the problem, but maybe someone should have seen this coming a long time ago. Maybe those of us who knew better should have expressed the need for changes earlier, rather than abandoning these faith-focused stores and moving on to the next best deal.

Although I think there will always be a place for what we know as Christian book stores, changes are obviously needed.

Some completely unresearched suggestions

Close immediately, and offer what’s liquidated as seed money for new kingdom advancing adventures.

Revamp into a less religious third space. People are desperate these days for a space to reflect and connect. Create cafes, artist spaces, community led workshops, etc.

Partner up with larger secular corporations without compromising your values. Sell-out in the best sense of the phrase and serve these larger institutions with your expertise and Christ-shaped attitudes.

The silver lining is the reality that things come and go. Jesus both grows and prunes his church, but He still prevails. Just because something ended, closed, or failed, doesn’t mean it didn’t serve it’s purpose honorably in its time. Sometimes it takes a bit of death to bring a bit of life.

Check out salem store house if you’re in Ottawa that has dedicated space to a cafe with free coffee and tea or booksforchrist.com as an alternative to amazon and chapters.

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  • aaron October 10, 2008, 8:11 am

    I’ve occasionally stepped foot into a Christian bookstore…but basically because I was bored looking for a good laugh. I feel part of a cult while browsing the goods offered. Now coffee/art/community place…I like that!

  • Lon October 11, 2008, 8:00 am

    oh i totally get the cult vibe, that’s spot on! with everyone browsing their religious-wares… it can be such a bubble away from the rest of the world…

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