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Some plugs for a few friends and what they’re doing…

Had lunch yesterday with Andrew Lamme, he’s heading Vision 360 in the GTA.  They’re gathering church planters and kingdom advancers on the 24th of september, let me know if you want more details.

Jason Hildebrand – a great guy and a great actor, does a live rendition of blue like jazz, and much more.

John Franklin of Imago, is helping sponsor the windrider forum during the Toronto International Film Festival.  Last film is tonight.  (His wife Marion made a beautiful selection of hors d’oeuvres at the solar crash event recently.)

Dennis Ho is taking a step of faith and joining the world race – 11 countries in 11 months.  Follow his blog and support him here.

And, if anyone’s interested in heading to the Starfish Network gathering with me on Sept. 20th, msg me.

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