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Plugs and name dropping…

Lots of great connections this past week, I don’t know how I’ve managed with my daughter tagging along full time the last while!

Excellent video skype chat with Jay Lee, church planter of Catalyst GTA of Every Nation ministry.  If you’re in the UT area, check’em out.

Had a great call from Marty Schmidt the coolest person I know in all of Iowa.  If you’re every in Iowa (flyover land I believe they call it, so I don’t know why you’d be there), check out his church plant – the bridge.

My fellow leader at Mosaic just opened up Kneadings Bread & Cafe this week.  If for some reason, you’re in newmarket you need to drop in (that means you JD).

Attended the starfish network gathering of ontario house churches.  If you’re interested you need to connect with Rad Zdero of housechurch.ca

Just got a note from friend Alex McManus to join the imn immersion (it’s been on my things to do for a few years now) but sadly won’t be able to participate this round.  If you’re able to make it to florida in february you need to be a part of fight4humanity.com

Attended Vision360 for Toronto Canada yesterday.  If you’re interested in city-engaging church planting in the GTA you need to get connected with these guys asap.  Let me know too, because I’m still looking for a team of people myself as well.  It was hilarious hearing leaders talk about advancing the kingdom and changing the world while Stellar scurried around with her stuffed monkey.

that’s all for now, tune in for more name dropping next week…

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