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Ordination Part 2…

Andy & Pearl's Wedding

As of this past weekend I’ve ‘done’ baptisms, communion, and a wedding, all without being ordained.  (You can see my previous thoughts on ordination adventures here)

Should I really bother?  I do have my branding down if I ever become a rev. 

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  • brad grinnen September 27, 2008, 5:22 pm


    should you really bother? can’t really answer that one for you. love your branding though.

    i went through the process. it took years. i enjoyed the process…the accountability of it all… the self-examination and the examination of the community. good good good.

    however, i don’t see the biblical precedent. yes i see moses and the priests. yes i see paul and timothy as well as others. yes the whole ‘set apart’ argument. however, i don’t believe this is for a certain few any longer. i don’t believe Christ said, “go and make disciples, baptizing them in my name…if and only if you are ordained.”

    too many lines between the dirty L word, “laity”, and the dirty O word, “ordained”. i only pull my card out to get into prisons to visit inmates, to get into hospitals to visit patients, and when i marry or bury.

    if i lost my ordination tomorrow, which i could because of my work with the marginalized, i know Christ wouldn’t be hesitant to use me. not over my lack of ordination anyway.

    beyond scriptures, i believe we are in a new day which needs less deliniation.

    peace bro,


  • Lon October 1, 2008, 10:08 pm

    thanks for the encouraging words bro… it’s just odd how it can be helpful at times to be a part of a system you barely believe in…

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