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You’ve got to love google’s ‘contextual’ ads.  

Besides ads for various ‘solar’ panels, the two ads that google’s been serving up on my site recently are

“Christian Leadership B.S.”


“Meet Christian Girls Free”

Some insights from this.

Picking out key words, is not the same as context. 

Google can brilliantly identify over 63 billion web pages, but still can identify the pulse of who I am, what I value, and what I write about. 

If red flags don’t go up when you advertise your Christian Leadership organization as B.S., do you really have a chance at helping others lead and engage culture in our context?

Maybe Christian Leadership is B.S.

How much are Christian girls supposed to cost?

And if you’re offering them for free, do we really want them?

Besides God, no one will ever fully know the extent of who you are.  And every day you and I make decisions based on snippets of reality.  

What does it mean to engage others as fully human In a world of soundbites and snapshots, where context is a moving target?

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