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Random help…

Here’s what I’m looking for right at the moment

– For the event, still looking for a dancer or a crew, with an urban flavor, likely break or pop&lock

– Photographer – Just about everyone I know is an amateur photographer these days, I’m looking for someone who hasn’t hit it big (since I can’t afford them), but would like the opportunity to add something interesting to their portfolio

– Possibly a DJ – same deal, willing to do it for charity.

– Images – Send me your most thought provoking images that you’ve discovered that provoke your imagination – anything that sparks creativity, spirituality, hope, despair, anything goes.

– Does anyone know if there’s a plugin of some type for wordpress, or some way to trick out my sight, so that the solarcrash.com home page can go to an event page, without moving or changing my current link addresses on my blog?  it might be a temporary thing.

– Anyone aware of any good corporate sponsors for funding, art supplies, or food?

– Good chalkers you know of?

And the question of the day, something I think I’ve blogged loosely on in the past

What would it look like if heaven collided with earth today?

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  • Weewian August 6, 2008, 8:38 pm

    Wow, Lon, you’re fast.

    It was nice chatting with you and John today, and hearing the backstory behind the club/venue. Btw, I’m hooked on those Dot-It lights.

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