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Party this sunday…

Solar Crash - The event

Last post before the event this weekend.

If I haven’t mentioned it enough already, it’s at the El Mocambo night club downtown Toronto.  Doors opening at 7pm. You can RSVP via contacting me or adding yourself to the facebook event page.  We’re capping it at 300 people that night.

We’ve lined up 10 different performers – bands, singers, spoken word, dance, all intereved through the night as well as 10 different visual artists.

There will also be a collaborative project that everyone coming out can participate in.

100% of ticket sales will be going towards helping provide clean water in Uganda.

For more details see the event page.  More artist bios are coming up soon as well.

We’ll have a videographer at the event so look forward to a recap compilation coming after the show, as well as plenty of reflections on my end organizing all of this.


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