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– When I go to starbucks, I’m so cheap, I always order a venti for value, then put it in the fridge and slowly drink it over three days

– I’ve recently began watching old episodes of Party of Five

– I never talk about being in anyway affiliated with the emergent church because I think Mark Driscoll will come and beat me up.

– Our S80 Canon digital camera flew off our car on to the highway this past week, and we saw it as an ‘opportunity’ to replace it with a shiny new Canon Rebel xsi DSLR

– Since my daughter was born, I went from working out five times a week, to zero, and I’ve lost 25 pounds.

– I’m eating expired popcorn as I type this, I generally eat a lot of expired food.

– I’ve never been so convicted of what I’ll be doing with my life, while have no idea about how I’ll be doing it.  Somehow this makes it all the more exciting for me, but probably a little confusing to those around me.

– I probably haven’t had a single decent conversation with 80% of my ‘friends’ listed on facebook this year

– I don’t know many people more hopeful than I am.  I pretend to be cynical sometimes just so people think I’m thoughtful and not naive.

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