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I’m going to spend the next while writing a series of posts about The Solar Crash Event from conception, to planning, to the night itself, to post-event thoughts.

Being a part of a dozen weddings every year, I kept thinking of what would it look like to put just as much time, energy, and maybe even money, into celebrating something besides the love of two people, as great as that is.

And when you think about weddings, it seems like just about anybody can pull them off.  Weddings aren’t limited to a certain personality type, skill set, or demographic.  It’s just a couple with some ideas they want badly enough to make into a reality, and it just happens.  Of course, weddings come in all forms, flavors, and sizes, but they’re beautiful celebrations nonetheless.

It then dawned on me after all my years of declaring my disgust for details and things that revolve around organization and planning, maybe I could throw a meaningful celebration of wedding-like magnitude, and maybe it could inspire others to do the same across our city? And so it began…

Below is one of the art pieces that were displayed at the solar crash. This one is by Cindy Kwan and friends who sowed together a dress, and then ripped it up, desecrated it with paint, and then covered it with a clean white veil in response to the theme of the night.

Solar Crash - Art/Fashion piece

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