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The Solar Crash Event…

This summer we’ll be taking Solar Crash offline for a night.

I just secured a night club for an evening celebrating creativity and spirituality.

All proceeds will be going to drilling a well and providing clean water.

I still need help of every type imaginable.  Artists, thinkers, musicians, organizers, designers, talent scouts, poets, planners, craftspeople, you name them, i need them.

(I’m not looking for people who’ve made it big, are signed on labels, or would be charging for something like this, i’m hoping to give undiscovered talent an opportunity to contribute to something bigger.)

If you can help, or know someone who might be able to, drop me a note.

You can find some more preliminary info on the event here.

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  • stephen July 3, 2008, 8:42 am

    wow, lon. looks very cool. wish i could be there.

  • Al July 7, 2008, 10:45 pm

    That sounds so awesome! So much of what you are planning is just exactly right….
    a night club (not some effort in a church fellowship hall).
    celebrating creativity…and spirituality.
    proceeds going to a great cause.
    an incredible assortment of artists.
    undiscovered and unsung talent (not Canadian Idol??!!)

    I wish you Godspeed in your planning and execution. Sorry I’m at the wrong end of the country.

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