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coffee, culture, and changing the world…

Last night was part of an interesting event at Coffee Culture.  Global TV’s been shooting a documentary on the relevance of Christianity to Canadian millenials.

Last night, Nathan Gerber of Divine Force Company invited leaders and influencers in his circle to dialog and network as they captured our conversations on film.  It was thrilling to say the least to be in the company of so many movers and shakers and visionaries.

Besides JD Heffern, who kindly gave me a lift and just started blogging here, I had a chance to connect with Wendy of newdirection.ca, Nathan Colquhoun and Joe Manafo of ‘the story‘, and John Franklin of imago, to name a few.

How’s that for dropping names?  For the rest of you I met that night, I didn’t get your contacts, drop me a note and let’s connect further.

What was even more exciting is the sense that as we continue to bump heads, we’re on the brink of something beautiful happening across the country.

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  • AJ July 31, 2008, 5:37 pm

    Hi Lon, haven’t met you in person, just found you via Marty Schmidt’s blog and thought I’d give you a shout. Apparently I’ll be following in your footsteps (preaching there) this weekend. Happy I found your blog, since coffee is very prominent in my life…

  • Lon August 1, 2008, 9:34 am

    AJ, awesome! thanks for dropping a comment and you’re going to love it there. Marty’s got a great thing going on, and he’ll treat you well!

    love to hear your thoughts on the whole experience after as well!

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