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Getting stuff done…

Firefox version 3.0 was just released moments ago.  (They’re trying to set a world record for downloads today and looks like the servers are down, you can get direct download links here).

I’ve always been a productivity/tech junkie, besides firefox, here’s some random stuff I use to get stuff done.

– My Dual Core T60 thinkpad (200772U) – I bought this right before I left my job at IBM.  Not quite cutting edge anymore, but still like a rock.  The docking station makes it real convenient as well.

– at home and when my wife is not using it, I use a Dell Dimension e521 with vista

– Microsoft’s free sync-toy keeps my working files in sync on the two computers

– Documents, pictures, and videos are primarily backed up to a 500GB WD mybook

gmail – emailing, documents archiving, contact info

– All notes are taken with Microsoft OneNote‘s tabbed folder system

– Web clippings go to google notebook, and bookmarks are tagged with del.icio.us

– When offline and for free-form notes I use a 5×8 ruled moleskine notebook

– I’ve been using a crappy nokia 6015i with a dusty screen on virgin mobile for 8 bucks a month the past few years holding out for an overdue google phone

– For calendaring and to-do’s I use google calendar.  Microsoft Outlook is used as needed when offline.

google deskop for quick file and document searches

– A Canon S80 point and shoot camera.  For photo management and touch-ups I use picasa.  with facebook and flickr plugins so I can upload directly as well.  I use irfanview for simple resizing and image editing.

wordpress.org for blogging

google reader for quick blog reading

– windows live messenger and googletalk primarily for IM

twhirl for occasional twitter updates

– an esso speedpass – so I can pay for overpriced gas, even faster

I’ll list off some resources I feed off of later as well.

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