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Favorite films…

I just got tagged by Tony – I never do these tagging things, but here we go.

Off the top, my favorite films

– The Shawshank redemption – Best ending ever

– Forrest Gump – Forrest talking about his boy – He’s so smart Jenny…

– Braveheart

– The Transformers (original) – “One shall stand, one shall fall”

– The Joy Luck Club – Yes I confess – just about every scene makes me weep like a baby

– Gattaca (just added) – underrated movie that speaks to all of us who dare to persevere

– Crash – Way better intertwining plots and subtexts than pulp fiction

– Remember the Titans – “You’re crippling them for life”

– Requiem for a dream – An artistic gem – just about puked from the hollowness at the end

– The Matrix & Terminator 2 – both overplayed – but still epic

– The Lion King – the opening scene was so glorious I teared…

And I guess my five tag’s will be…

Brian & Ina

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