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Be the church…

Our faith community has rebranded our no-church-sundays to Be-the-Church-Sunday, which is closer to the heart of our intentions.

The Scriptures describe the church with living images – a body, a bride, a family, a living temple of living stones.  The church is not a building, nor is it simply a gathering within a building.  We can be the church wherever we are.

I was sharing with my wife about how the only fear of releasing and scattering our community like this, was how people might reduce it to do-nothing-sunday, and the possibility of zero relationships being forged.  Her response was – it’s not like meaningful relationships are developed during a ‘church gathering’ either.

Sometimes I feel deeply saddened that we’ve structured the life out of our church communities.  It’s astounding that in a group of people gathering to celebrate the Wounded Healer, people might leave without ever sharing their struggles, or their joys, or their dreams with another person.

The traditional worship service, at times, can be a complete disservice to Jesus and his followers.

What did I do yesterday?

– Played with my daughter and took her to Ikea for breakfast
– Had an early lunch with relatives as they wondered why we weren’t ‘at church’ today
– Headed downtown and shared life and stories with Alan and Liz
– Supported a friend who is launching an intercultural intergenerational church plant – talked to people who were not like myself

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  • Marty Schmidt June 2, 2008, 10:40 am

    Come on – You can’t do that! I’m not talking about no church sunday, that is a great idea. What you can’t do is rub in the fact that you can go to IKEA whenever you want! I confess I’m jealous.

  • Lon June 3, 2008, 8:05 am

    yeah, I thought of you when I jotted that down… I can’t believe people need to take a day out to head to ikea. Just shows how God loves me more… I go to ikea all the time, and buy nothing at all…

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