June 2008


… I guess they still happen

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Some random noteworthy bookmarks from the past week Free Beverage w/Starbucks Card Registration – Barack Obama: More Popular Than Jesus, Angelina Jolie – Free online web templates generator – neue. – Rob Bell Q&A – 30+ Must-Have Updated Firefox 3 Extensions – House Church Resource.org – McCain and Obama on Patriotism – TIME – Greatest […]

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Yesterday was a preaching bomb. Ever have everything prepared, really know your material, and still fail to deliver? I wanted it over as soon as I got up… and I just pushed through it. I love preaching, even though I question it’s role, I’m thrilled whenever I can engage hearts and minds with the Scriptures […]

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Seminary – was it worth it?

(Photo by ambery) Before I begin, I need to say that I’ve never been a fan of any schooling system I’ve ever been a part of. – In high school, I was a 90s student but on academic probation for missing too many classes. – I scraped by university, passionless for my engineering degree, and […]

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Jesus and food…

jesus did not come to buffy’s party empty-handed… Originally uploaded by ! ten-forty-seven Just testing out flickr’s blogging feature… and I thought this was a brilliant photo. It’s amazing how often we find Jesus engaging people over a meal throughout the gospels. Who are you having your next meal with? up next: some thoughts I’ve […]

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Getting stuff done…

Firefox version 3.0 was just released moments ago.  (They’re trying to set a world record for downloads today and looks like the servers are down, you can get direct download links here). I’ve always been a productivity/tech junkie, besides firefox, here’s some random stuff I use to get stuff done. – My Dual Core T60 […]

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Bookmarks for June 13th through June 17th

These are some random bookmarks for June 11th through June 17th: how to do English ministry in Chinese churches » EM » L2 – 7 Reasons Why the Church Needs Artists | TonyMorganLive.com – Catalyst Conference 2008 – 10 Theories on High Gas Prices and Church Red Room | Where the Writers Are – BookMooch: […]

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The year of living Biblically…

I just recently finished “The year of living biblically – one man’s humble quest to follow the Bible as literally as possible” by A.J. Jacobs. (I listened to the audiobook from the local library over a weeks worth of dishwashing) I’d recommend this particularly to those in ‘professional’ ministry of any kind. Jacobs is an […]

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