May 2008

Pagan Christianity…

I finished Pagan Christianity by Frank Viola and George Barna about a month ago. I can see why people say it’s a controversial book, though I really wasn’t all that shocked by the content at all.  I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Below are some quotes (I swiped from […]

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Where do you sit?

Do you have a particular spot you like to sit? I rarely went to class in university because without fail, I would fall asleep in every single one of them.  I’d wake up to some strange pen trail of gibberish and wonder what on earth it was all for. I tried sitting at the front […]

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Hot Links…

Hot random links of the past week: The Urban Forum – Volunteer Abroad or Intern Abroad with Cross-Cultural Solutions – Oh Boy Obama! Vote for or Submit Ideas to Contribute to the Obama Campaign – | Where needs meet abilities and abilities meet needs. – – living water international – World Water Council […]

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Help Wanted…

I’ve got a few ‘projects’ in the works that I can use some help with… If you, or someone you know, can help with any of the following contact me. – I’ve got two web startup ideas that I don’t see being done that would help advance the kingdom – I’m looking for interested individuals […]

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My Beautiful Idol…

If The Ooze hadn’t sent a copy of My Beautiful Idol to review, I probably would not have ever bothered reading it (a 300 page book with no pictures is a bit much for me these days). But I’m glad I did. Everyone seems to be comparing Pete Gall’s book to Blue Like Jazz since […]

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Inbox zero…

Finally started going through my dreaded inbox, nothing worse than reading unopened email saying “I really need prayer for…” and “Can you help me decide if i should…” from over a year ago. My inbox currently sits at 32,767. I’ve deleted thousands already. I gave up on clearing my inbox along time ago, but I […]

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Recent dishes…

Hover your mouse over for a short description, or click for larger images and many more.

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Canadian politics…

Some Canadian politics for once… Toronto Life had a segment on Cheri DiNovo of our new democratic party. I love her story. She was a street kid dealing drugs by smuggling LSD in hollowed out Bibles.  She ended up becoming a mother of two and a Mercedes-driving CEO.  Her husband was killed in a motorcycle […]

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