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There’s quite a bit of uncertainty with what I’ll be doing next in life.  I’ve got two more major projects to hammer out, and hope to figure out some next steps by May.  The possibilities seem endless.

I’ve spent the past seven months helping out at a church plant that is now just entering its sophomore year. With any week, people can just choose to not show up and set up, and just go to some more dignified and established church and bask in what God’s already done, but they choose not to.  I have such a great admiration for the emotional, relational, and financial investment these people have risked in this endeavor.

We had an open-mic session during our gathering this past Sunday.  I’m rarely comfortable receiving any type of praise, but I have to admit there’s something deeply affirming about people sharing that you have been sent by God and that He is actively working through you.  What more could anyone seeking the heart of God ask for?

One older gentleman came up to the front and said I’ve been completely unorthodox…  But a breathe of fresh air.  I love that.

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  • Sam. April 15, 2008, 8:52 am

    Glad to hear things are going well. Always enjoy reading your updates.

    Unorthodox…but a breath of fresh air – that’s a really great compliment!

    Great job.

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