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The Nova Experience…

At The Nova Experience this weekend… Erwin McManus just spoke on Acts 17. I think this must be the 6th time I’ve heard him speak on it. Still, he manages to keep it fresh and squeeze further insight from it.

A few interesting side remarks he made…

He indirectly alluded to Mosaic being like Rob Bell’s Mars Hill having no money, no marketing, and ten thousand people coming, except they only shared the no money part.

Erwin described himself as becoming a top-tier heretic in the blogosphere with the Jon Gordon story last year.

He also shared about someone who had grown up in church all their lives that couldn’t stop wondering if he was going to heaven or Hell. Erwin told him he should just make a decision and decide he was going to hell… and spend the rest of his days making sure no one else goes with him.

Tomorrow I’ll be in workshops with Joseph Myers on Organic Community, Joe Manafo on evolving forms of church in Canada, Mark Buchanan on the rest of God, Jeff Lockyer on missional community, and Wayne Alguire for the mainstage session.

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