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Nova Experience part 2

I’ve got a bit too many notes from the conference, but here’s a few random thoughts.

– Kudos to the Willow Creek Association for risking and attempting a new type of conference.  I’ve been avoiding conferences for quite a while, but I still do see an incredible need for leaders being continually equipped and inspired.

– It wasn’t a dramatic departure from your typical ‘premiere’ conference but there were some differences such as personalized workshops, regional content, and more interactive moments.

– We had about a quarter of our church attended – and it was helpful in providing some common language and metaphor to work with as a team.

– I was racially profiled, somewhat.  I was asked to do a recorded interview on the event, and when I suggested someone else do it, I was told they needed an ‘asian male’.

Jason Hildebrand delivered one of the best solo performances I’ve ever seen in the church context

– I read Mark Batterson’s “in a pit’ when it first came out (actually Mark sent it to me free as part of his reverse-birthday initiative),  but somehow his session on it seemed even more powerful and fresh as it seemed to be hitting me in all the right places.

– What is up with Erwin’s latest hairstyle?

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