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Empty Cross…

mosaic cross

Our community celebrated the resurrection Easter Sunday by a wonderful time of worship and painting.

I wanted to reflect on the Road to Emmaus that morning and Marty had passed me a wonderful idea that I just ran with.  In the story, the Scriptures state “Their eyes were opened” when the travelers realize Christ was among them.  This can be seen as very much a parallel to Adam and Eve’s eyes being open after eating the fruit.  Except rather than opening their eyes to sin, evil, and death, with the resurrection their eyes became opened to life and hope and beauty.

As a community we reflected, painted and shared on what or eyes have been, or might be opened to, if the resurrection were true.  Even the ‘older folks’ seemed to really enjoy the experience!

I had planned for people to simply take their tile home after the whole experience but no one wanted to separate their work from the whole.  Maybe if we ever get a building we’ll tack it up somewhere permanently.

Though the cross is empty, it’s now filled with all our hopes and dreams… cause He is risen.

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