April 2008

Blog house cleaning…

Turns out the solar crash feed hasn’t been working the last week, I think I just fixed it. You might need to actually visit the site to see the most recent posts. Hit the icon below if you’re not yet subscribed or if you don’t know what a feed is sign yourself up for google […]

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Asian Liberation Theology…

If you’ve been following Barack Obamamania, you may have seen Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s latest speech. I think he’s quite the communicator and offers some profound insights, but I can’t say I quite agree with a lot of what he says, or the arrogance he sometimes projects. What caught my attention was his discourse on Black […]

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Bookmarks for April 22nd through April 28th

These are my links for April 22nd through April 28th: Video Illustration: Erwin McManus: Have Courage: Rightnow.org – Welcome to Monkfish Abbey -:- Monkfish Abbey – Submergent – Jesus Radicals – Wix.com – Make free flash websites, Flash layouts, web content interview – toronto churchplanting – Multisite Exposed Media | TheResurgence – Urban Promise presents […]

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How to re-imagine the world…

I just finished Anthony Weston’s “How to re-imagine the world”, a wild little book about reawakening radical imagination for social transformation. Weston’s strengths are definitely in the realm of futuristic/ideation which completely jives with me. He pitches a few ideas that are aching to be implemented like sports for the homeless, turning military bases into […]

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The New Suburbia…

Suburbanites, lock your fences, the poor are coming! I’m going, why aren’t you? It’s happening next week, and it’s not too late to register! Discussions on: Harnessing the Forces of Gentrification for the Kingdom – Bob Lupton, FCS Urban Ministries Indigenous Leadership Development – Noel Castellanos, Christian Community Development Association Church-based Community Development – Wayne […]

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The church is a whore…

…but she is my mother. ~ St. Augustine. That’s how I’ve felt about seminary quite often. The overblown tuition, the seduction of academia and professionalism, the regurgitation of thought, the staleness of the classroom environment, the creative vacuum, and the incredible chasm between how things are, and the way you know it ought to be, […]

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I’m done…

After six years of seminary, I’m finally done. And now I’m sick. But as soon as that’s over, it’s going to be a whole new chapter in our lives.

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Super Links for April 14th through April 21st

These are my del.icio.us links for April 14th through April 21st: God at the Pub – Rentoid – The place to rent anything – The Godfather, Al Pacino | The Quotable Al Pacino | Photos | EW.com – New Statesman – How the rich starved the world – Erwin McManus on TBN – The 25 […]

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