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Thoughts from Paulo Coelho…

A few thoughts from Paulo Coelho, of The Alchemist fame.

– Men can never stop dreaming. Dreams are the food of the soul. Martin luther king jr. reminds us that Jesus asked us to love our enemies, not to like them.

– Peace is the last thing we need if we want to realize our dreams

– The busiest people I have known in my life had time for everything.

– Those who did nothing were always tired and could hardly cope with the little work they had to do, always complaining that the day was too short. In fact, they were afraid of fighting the good fight.

– Because we do not want to see life as a great adventure to be lived, we begin to feel we are wise, fair and correct in what little we ask of our existence.

– We feel we are ‘mature’ in leaving aside the ‘fantasies of childhood’ and guaranteeing our personal successes.

– Our dead dreams begin to rot inside of us and affect the whole atmosphere which we live.

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