March 2008

Living Unintentionally…

I just made a visit to my old elementary school, and turns out my old grade six teacher is still teaching there. I ended up being asked to come back and speak to the school about future possibilities as a returning student. It reminded me of the incredible need for intentional living. Too often we […]

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A generation enslaved

This month’s issue of Toronto Life covers a portrait of a mortgage-enslaved generation. Why do we do this to ourselves? Who says we need a home that large or that fine? I just recently realized that Bono closes off the song “beautiful day” with the statement “what you don’t have you don’t need it now”… […]

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Missio Humanitas

If the Missio Dei is the mission of God what might the missio humanitas be? What does that look like for those inside and outside the church?  the powerful and the powerless?

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Stellar superstar…

Stellar’s been sick again the last couple days. She looks like she’s on her way to recovery though. Here’s her during better days.

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Jesus for President…

I’m working my way through Shane Claiborne and Chris Haw’s Jesus for President right now.  It’s especially interesting in light of the presidential campaigns right now. The book is a phenomenal read.  Not quite as random as Irresistible Revolution, but just as powerful. Jesus for President is a project in renewing the imagination of the […]

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Jackie Chan’s top ten stunts

It’s Good Friday. Today we reflect upon Jesus sacrificing his life for our hope of redemption. Jackie Chan. He sacrifices his life for our amusement. This dude’s insane.

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Obama & The Emerging Church

I’f you’ve been living solitude the last day, check out Barack Obama’s major speech on race recently delivered (2 million views on youtube in less than 2 days!). Much of it is in response to his former pastor Jeremiah Wright’s outright racist comments, but it’s so much more. I suspect it’s stuff Obama’s been thinking […]

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Some random links you might find intriguing… Similar to LifeChurch’s, another space for web 2.0 confessions Rob Bell stuff – Transcript of latest nooma “Open” and new book coming out WordPress 2.5 is being released soon – looking forward to doing some upgrades here Following Radiohead’s lead – Download Nine Inch Nails’ latest […]

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