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Gospel according to Hugh Hefner…

hugh hefner - what i've learned
I was flipping through an Esquire magazine at the library and saw this interview with Hugh Hefner on what He’s learned in life.

He states:

Everybody, if they’ve got their head on straight, wants to be a sexual object, among other things. They want to be attractive. Otherwise, what a sad and pathetic life. To really live a worthwhile life is to be attracted to and attractive to other people.

Is there any redemptive truth to what he’s saying here?

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  • Brad Ruggles February 8, 2008, 1:21 pm

    Wow, what a sad outlook on life. But I do think he’s hit on a need inside most people (even if he’s drawing the wrong conclusions about how to fulfill that need).

    People do want to be known, to be attractive, to be talked about (in a good way). They want other people to want to be around them.

    Man, there’s some good illustration material in there. Thanks for the post.

    Oh, and great title by the way…it definitely caught my attention when I was going through posts in my RSS reader. 🙂

    Brad Ruggles

  • Hope February 8, 2008, 5:27 pm

    Oh boy…you shouldn’t have asked, because I just can’t keep quiet now. I think Mr. Hefner’s comment is true if your life’s desire is to be objectified because of your looks. Perhaps his bunnies enjoy him speaking to their breasts. When I engage in conversation with a man, I’d like them to look at me and LISTEN not WATCH. Every woman wants to look good and what man doesn’t want to look good but there’s a difference between looking good and reducing a human being to an object, no less a sexual object. That means that the most important thing is sex?!? Gee whiz. Give me a break. My sixteen year old son has more respect for human beings than this man. OY!

  • Lon February 8, 2008, 9:57 pm

    Brad thanks for the ocmment. i thought there was a hint of truth to it… sometimes we need to acknowledge that everyone does long for some level attraction… obviously he’s not exactly fulfilling that need in the most healthy way though!

    Hope, haha! You’re right, a child can look at another person with much more humanity than he’s learned to in his old age… craziness…

  • Alan February 17, 2008, 5:17 pm

    Hmm… I’ve read some about Hefner, and watched some documentaries, particularly one with an interview from a Christian magazine. It’s hard for me to be too tough on Hefner – he has done his fair share of searching, but he found church/God/whatever wanting or maybe unattainable.

    Instead, he codified hedonism, he is a kind among serpents and people of this world. And he is an icon in the best sense because he has never lied about his position or where he fits in the morale of the world. In very real senses, he is attractive is some of the best ways that we want to be. Because he is honest and he is genuine. He has looked at our lives, at our beliefs and he said, much like the rich young ruler, it is too much to ask of me, and walked away.

    He has insight into the human condition, and rather than be reconciled, humbly submitted to the One God, chose in front of the world, a different path. We may disagree with his conclusions, but let’s not mistake our taste in decency as his lack of respect for people.

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