February 2008

U2 3D…

For our date night yesterday we went to see U2 3D. It was great to be able to do nothing else for 80 minutes but appreciate their music (that and watch four sweaty old men prance no stage). I’m glad they played some of their older stuff, but they’ve just got too many good tunes […]

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Church planting wives…

Some excellent resources I just stumbled across specifically for spouses of church planters… Free downloadable book, “My husband wants to be a church planter“, discussion guide as well here. (The book includes chapters by wife of Bob Roberts of Glocalnet, Niki, and wife of Erwin McManus of Mosaic LA, Kim.  HT: Truly Captivating. Planterwives.com for […]

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Some recent quotes that have struck me… Kirk douglas – I tell my sons they didn’t have my advantages growing up. I came from abject poverty. There was nowhere to go but up. Muhammad Ali – The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up. Sarah Silverman – Jesus’ words have […]

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A Better Blog?

It’s shaping up to be another really busy week. But here’s a question for all of you who visit here. How can I make this blog better? Content: Would you like to see me post more practical how-to’s? More depth? More questions? More Stories? More controversial topics? More reviews? More resources? More serial posts? More […]

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Silent Sermon

(Original photo here) I’ve posted many times questioning the effectiveness of preaching before, however this past Sunday was definitely an example of working more creatively, not harder, while creating a deeply meaningful experience. I’ve been wanting to experiment with this for quite a while now, and with my voice blown from speaking the night before, […]

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Best quote I’ve heard recently, An Anglican Priest tells a group of us:  “I’m totally suspicious of the church, and I work for the stupid thing.”

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Hunger Banquet

This past Saturday a team of us from two churches organized a Global Awareness Banquet. The banquet is a dramatization of the inequity that perpetuates poverty in the world. Guests are randomly assigned according to the realities that divide us today 15% rich, 30% middle class, and 55% poor on a global level. The rich […]

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Sick & Busy…

Our entire family has been sick in some way the past three weeks. We seem to be passing it back and for to each other. Although it does seem that quite a number of people I know happen to also be sick for an inordinate amount of time this year. (I’ve been having flashbacks of […]

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