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What do you love about your church?

clipboardRecently I was working on a research project interviewing a wide spectrum of people at a church. Questions were along the lines of where they were at spiritually with the church, what could use improvement, what they would do to change things and so on.

One interesting insight that came out of it was when I asked people what they loved about the church. Most people could rave on and on about their church, I assume that’s why they’re there.

Tell me, what do you love about your church?

I would also ask people where they saw Jesus working in the church. It was interesting how the responses were at times different from what they loved about the church.

Jesus is indeed working, but what makes these responses different?

Could it be that sometimes we’re building the church, that Jesus isn’t…?

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  • Brandon Donaldson January 28, 2008, 12:30 pm

    I love that LifeChurch.tv has a heart to partner with any church and any individual that has a heart to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ. I love that we give everything away for free (http://open.lifechurch.tv) to any church that could use it for furthering the vision God has given them, no money to use as they see fit. We also do the same thing for individuals that are wanting to start something in their communities.
    I love that we are letting go of more control and leaving space for God to do what only he can. There is a real heart here that is growing that says it has nothing to do with LifeChurch.tv. I love that. This can be scary sometimes but I think it shows a faith in God instead of our structures and individual leadership skills. It helps us recognize our God-given responsibility in our leadership role as a church instead of our opportunities (if that makes sense). Since it is a church with some leadership in the church community we are able to lead other churches to do the same. I truly believe it is blurring the lines and importance of our individual churches and clarifying the name of Christ.

    I really believe this is the most exciting place Jesus is working in our church right now too. But the tension to be the church Jesus built and not the church we came up with is always there, and I hope LifeChurch.tv continues to makes decisions in that tension.

  • Lon January 29, 2008, 10:11 am

    Brandon, thanks for sharing your heart for your church. yes, i just started tapping into the open church resources.. awesome move by your church. your insider description of your church is phenomenal and i wish more leaders felt that way about the church, makes me want to jump ship and go on down there! thanks for that word of encouragement and hope!

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