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R.E.A.L. Disciplines

This past Sunday I introduced our church to r.e.a.l. disciplines. This is something I adapted from Michael Frost’s BELLS and Neil Cole’s LTG‘s.

r.e.a.l. is an acronym for Reflect, Eat, Act, and Listen. Our goal is not simply to be a community of faith, but a community of practice.

What does it mean to incarnate (flesh out) Jesus in our daily lives?

What does it mean to begin living a life of spiritual discipline that leads to wholeness and greater freedom?

Below was the message powerpoint as well as the handout

Mosaic R.E.A.L. Disciplines

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  • ray January 10, 2008, 10:33 am

    do you think there’s a point where you add these disciplines to your life and it sucks the life out of spiritual growth and maturity?

  • Lon January 11, 2008, 11:40 am

    Hey Ray, i’m the last person anyone should ever talk to about disciplines… and you’re right now… there is a point… as with any extreme…

    …but my latest conviction has been before we take it that far, what are we really doing in our lives right now to cultivate life, growth, and maturity?

    i read a great quote once… it said all of us have a song in our hearts we long to sing, but most of us won’t take the time to learn the notes.

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