January 2008

Latest Links…

Nothing to say today. Just some random links I’ve come across the last while The Toronto Star – a secular newspaper surprisingly did a segment on church planting movements The lifecyle of a blog post How Erwin McManus got his last name Barack Obama – Article by Caroline Kennedy, and interview with Christianity Today Young […]

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A couple other seminary students were sharing with me yesterday about how lonely things can be as they’ve began working in leadership in different churches. I wrote a while back about how ‘leaders need community‘.  I want to take this further as not only an acknowledgment, but as a request, on behalf of leaders. Certainly […]

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What do you love about your church?

Recently I was working on a research project interviewing a wide spectrum of people at a church. Questions were along the lines of where they were at spiritually with the church, what could use improvement, what they would do to change things and so on. One interesting insight that came out of it was when […]

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To illustrate my last post. Eight years ago, I spent a summer living in a house (supposedly an old brothel that had been renovated, but that’s another story) with five other guys. It got so dirty with our lack of cleaning, by the end of that summer, there were foot-high mushrooms growing out of the […]

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Rock Star Pastors?

Photo by Roger Cullman www.rogercullman.com Preaching last week, I slipped out something I probably needed to hear more for myself. I told people that they don’t need a rock-star pastor or a superstar leader. They need Jesus in their lives. With the very best of what church’s and the world has to offer available on […]

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Radical church…

I’ve been setting course to church plant after I graduate for a number of years. For the longest time I’ve been contemplating doing something different, better, more innovative, than church as usual. At the end of the day though, I find many of my ideas haven’t been all that radical. Just because our church might […]

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Doing better…

Stellar’s doing better, thanks so much for all the prayers. A few reflections on the whole experience There were periods Stellar would be breathing so rapidly I wondered how her little heart could keep up, and other times when her breath was so shallow we weren’t sure if she was breathing at all. Nothing much […]

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Prayers for our daughter…

This angel full of life, is so far from it right now. She’s battling bronchitus/pneumonia and a really high fever right now. Your prayers would be appreciated.

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