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The Starfish Manifesto

starfish.jpgSince posting earlier on Wolfgang Simson’s Houses that change the world, I’ve began reading the follow-up, or big-brother, of that book titled the Starfish Manifesto.

A few interesting thoughts so far…

On the church entering Babylonian Captivity… the Holy Spirit is no longer the driving force of the Church, Mammon is. Part of this captivity is the current obsession with hyper-activist, high adrenalin programs and methods and approaches, celebrated as saviors for a run-down system.

The current average cost for Christian evangelism and missions is $330,000 for every newly baptized person.

We have stolen the church from God, and he wants it back from us thieves.

God wants a veil-less church without pulpits and clergy-laity distinctions. A pastor, no matter how godly he conducts himself, actually
stands more in the way of this than he is of help, because he has become a symbol of that very discrepancy.

* I had read the pre-release edition – The book will be available officially in June 2008.

Also you can find the audio downloads for the Wolfgang Simpson Conference 2005

* Posted at LeadNet Books as well.

** A 2009 reworked copy of starfish manifesto is now availabe here.

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