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Solar Crash: November round-up

It always feels odd when people I interact with give me these glowing remarks about who I am and something I’ve just done. The pervading thought in my mind is often how the substance of those comments are so very temporal.

I’ve likely been far better and been far worse, but people gauge you based on what they see of you upfront, or most recently.

I feel the same way with blogs. Current blogging structures are all ordered in reverse chronological order giving the random reader the most recent post rather than the most significant post or posts that resonate with the heart of the blog.

Anyhow, I’m going to begin doing roundups of my best posts each month and year from now on and hopefully that helps give this blog a bit more flare and identity.

Here are November’s picks – feel free to continue interacting on any of them.

Tantric Preaching
Pastoring vs. Jesus
Multi-Ethnicing a church
I declare – “No Church Sunday”
Pulling hearts out

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