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A theology of play…

(I took this at the Museum of Play – Quote is by GK Chesterton who wrote “Orthodoxy” almost a hundred years ago)

Do you ever hear from seasoned leaders sharing about how they worked their butt off and grinded it out during their earlier years? How they invested, and labored, and pushed boundaries, and poured their hearts and energy into accomplishing things of significance in their lives?

This is then almost always followed by them saying in reflection they wish they rested more and played more.

Yet I have to admit every time I hear that, something in me lunges out and says, well if you weren’t so passionate and didn’t work so hard, there’s just no way you would’ve accomplished what you’ve accomplished in life!

Most great leaders live highly imbalanced lives in accomplishing greatness. We go to them seeking to learn how to achieve equally great things in life. And then they turn to us and tell us to live more balanced lives! How dare they.

But maybe there’s something to this.

Could it be at the end of it all, there might be somethings more important than accomplishing great things, even great things for our great God?

Stellar and Cayden

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  • Alan December 6, 2007, 1:15 am

    Maybe they’re not that great… I think I want to be fairly average.

  • Lon December 6, 2007, 1:34 pm

    haha, rick said something great on monday.. .he said many of us have a great fear of failure married with an unhealthy need for success… which leaves most of us completely messed over!

  • Alan December 7, 2007, 3:17 am

    I wonder about our accolades on great people. Why is that so special… Actually someone who wasn’t great, but could have been – Vic Shepherd. I love the story he has about richness being about access, not possessions.

    The flip side of it is, that I don’t want to be great, but really I just want to play. I play too much, maybe… No, in fact.

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