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Stumbleupon, I raise my fist to you…

There are many people on my contact list that I am completely judicious about sending emails to. I’ve always tried to reserve the tiny moments that I connect with individuals via email to things I consider vastly important, not over extending my welcome.

Well, last night I blew it all when I accidentally allowed stumbleupon to spam over a couple thousand people in my address book.

This includes people who haven’t heard from me for 5-6 years. This includes professors, distant family members, managers, coworkers, friends of friends, people I’ve taught, CEO’s, former business partners, mailing lists, organizations, pastors, seekers, students, church planting directors, bloggers, mentors, childhood friends, advisors, and even people I admire so much that I have yet to email.

And in one momentary click of a button, I’ve emailed all of them to say “hey person I deeply value, come check out this dumb website I rarely use!”. I almost want to spam everyone again to say sorry and please ignore that last email.

I’m just hoping that stumbleupon doesn’t use these emails for any more ridiculousness.

I tried deleting my account in embarrassment and shame, but they have a two-week deletion policy!

I’m so sorry folks. I’m not too pleased either.

Let this be a reminder to all of us about safeguarding our contact lists!

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  • Punkd November 29, 2007, 1:39 pm

    I did the exact same thing by the way, except for me it was even worse: I gave a thumbs up to http://www.ifate.com really only because I liked the way they spread a flash application across multiple-pages and used css.

    Then I find out I’ve promoted tarot cards and runes to all my old college classmates. Oh that’s just great. So now they’re like, damn what happened to our old friend the chemistry grad student.

  • Lon November 30, 2007, 9:28 am

    yeah that’s crazy. it’s so embarrassing. I almost want to spam everyone again just to apologize!

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