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Interesting conversation with a friend of mine last week.

Often we find ourselves sharing about how we’re absolutely loving where we are in life and the things that we’re involved with.  However, this time I guess I was whining a bit about how I had to preach this past sunday, and then had to preach again on monday as well, and on and on.

And he said to me, ‘you sound like it’s more of a pain than a privilege’.

Right there it stopped me in my tracks and brought me back into the presence of God.  It is a privilege.

You know how when you get so busy, it can suck the joy and the life right out of even what you love?  That was me.

It’s such a privilege to have the opportunities to do what I do.  I’m just so glad I’ve got people reminding me, because I know I’m bound to forget again.

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