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Out of the cold…

Yesterday a life group I’m a part of helped out at the “Out of the cold” program which shelters, feeds, and clothes some of Toronto’s homeless. A few thoughts:

I arrived late, and really didn’t help out in any way. Yet one of the ‘clients’ insisted to thank me, and that I was still volunteering my time.

The site I was at is only allowed to take 25 guests on a given night. Others who were hanging out were ‘kicked out’, not because they weren’t wanted, but so they might have a chance finding a bed at another shelter before it was too late (it was -12 °C that night)

I wondered what might have been going through the minds of the guests who were predominantly caucasian being flooded by a predominantly asian group of volunteers.

I played cards for most of the time and had a blast. I recognized two people from sanctuary. There’s something about playing games together – for a moment, all of the economic/social/power-differentials are leveled out and we can just be ourselves – human beings having a good time.

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