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Church re-distribution

Here’s another idea.

What if we as church leaders weren’t so obsessed with building a quasi-kingdom of God through our local churches and instead did everything we could to connect our entire city to the Living God?

How many of us are actually a part of metropolitan churches where we drive past thirty other churches on a Sunday so that we might worship a God that ‘works’ for us?

What if we recovered a solid theology of place? What if we completely rethought where we live and the way we minister to people? What might the church in the city look like if we were willing to reconfigure our collective churches?

This particularly applies to suburban churches as we now realize how we’ve abdicated the city core and ponder how we’ll ever get back in.

Odds are, however, many of suburbanites still work in the urban core and many are moving back into gentrified neighborhoods. What if we were strategic about leveraging this?

What if a few churches went through our membership rolls and sent out those who were already involved in urban neighborhoods and formed new parish churches together?

Ridiculous? Shallow? Too challenging?

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