November 2007

Leadership books…

Leadership Network is in the middle of relaunching it’s leadership books blog. It will be the place for practical insights from books that leaders themselves are reading. I got invited to be one of the dozen or so contributors in this collaborative blog, though looking through the list I’m definitely the newbie of the bunch. […]

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Voices of our children…

Check out this six-minute speech delivered to the United Nations by twelve-year old Severn Cullis-Suzuki (Canadian environmental activist David Suzuki’s daughter). This was taped 15 years ago and it is still a riveting message.

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Stumbleupon, I raise my fist to you…

There are many people on my contact list that I am completely judicious about sending emails to. I’ve always tried to reserve the tiny moments that I connect with individuals via email to things I consider vastly important, not over extending my welcome. Well, last night I blew it all when I accidentally allowed stumbleupon […]

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Out of the cold…

Yesterday a life group I’m a part of helped out at the “Out of the cold” program which shelters, feeds, and clothes some of Toronto’s homeless. A few thoughts: I arrived late, and really didn’t help out in any way. Yet one of the ‘clients’ insisted to thank me, and that I was still volunteering […]

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Black Parade

Not the brightest of videos, but I love the opening lyrics… When I was, A young boy, My father, took me into the city To see a marching band He said, “Son when you grow up, will you be the saviour of the broken, the beaten and the damned?”

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Are you tired…?

Dear friends, Are you tired… of keeping the love of God to yourselves?

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I really need to do something about my blogroll. I’m not sure if it’s some type of integration with my rss reader or a separate page, but it’s been a mess for a while. If your site/blog would still like to be on the list on the sidebar here, or currently are not, and would […]

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Tantric Preaching…

In our seminary, expository narrative preaching is emphasized quite a bit. Where traditional sermons have multiple points that are supported in a variety of ways, in narrative preaching the stories and metaphors are the points. The key is that with any good ‘story’ tension is created and held for impact until nearly the end of […]

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